Izzi Galvan, Graphic Designer


Mark joined the Unified Brand team in May 2011 after working in television and print media for over a decade. Originally a Las Vegas native, Mark started his career in Public Relations at the local CBS affiliate, but a passion for graphic design led him to pursue a position in advertising and marketing at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. As the Creative Director of the Stephens Media Magazine Division, he won international awards for publication and advertising design. He also wrote a monthly column for Luxury Las Vegas magazine, reviewing high-end automobiles.

Mark moved to Phoenix in 2007 after accepting a position with the Gannett Magazine Group where he was Managing Designer and eventually Operations Manager. "After years in the print industry, witnessing first-hand the decline of magazines, I finally decided it was time to go in a new direction. I was very excited to become part of Unified Brand and have the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge industry with a bright and expanding future."