Joining an Organization Isn't All Bad!

I have never been much of a joiner.  I find most organizations start with good intentions, but too often over time become more for the interest of a few rather than for the general membership.  Unless the group is still in its formation, the chance for it to be of interest and value to me minimizes.

I offer this because Unified Brand recently joined as a member of the Digital Signage Federation

In the past few years, I viewed the DSF as about the businesses that make products for Digital Signage end customers, but not concerned with their concerns.  The focus seemed to be on policies, standards and getting their companies acquired; all valid activities but of little interest to someone at the end of the business cycle.

This recently changed…and I attribute it to leaders who recognize a group is only as strong as the involvement of the members, not in the accolades of the leaders.

The DSF has started periodic “hangouts” where the best-and-brightest in the industry talk about specific issues and concerns the end users are facing.  It is not anyone carrying a specific agenda or company pushing their product, but rather open information and discussion about the issues.

I offer this because I see the same thing from our Auto Dealership partners with NADA.  This organization has the obligatory convention which is well attended for its meetings, education events and vendor exhibits.  Just as importantly it organizes the “NADA20 Groups” that bring together like minded dealership personnel in an open and sharing environment.  I have heard from many attendees these are where NADA shines as an organization and make among the best time spent as part of a group.

So if you are like me and feel “any organization that would have me is not worth joining”, give a look the next time you are considering the joining of a group as to whether its activities are more for the membership or for the leaders.

If you find any good ones, please share!

Thanks for reading,