Now is the Time for Every Business to Have Their Own Custom TV Channels

In this time of various versions of divisiveness in our population, our media outlets are pointed out as among the most egregious at aggravating this situation.

It is okay when a TV channel is being played in a residence or a known and non-changing audience, but often it puts businesses with TV viewing audiences in a difficult situation. 

Which channel is best for their audience?

The answer unfortunately is too often no single channel serves this purpose.

This hit home for our company recently when an auto dealership reached out to us.  They were trying to mediate customers arguing over which cable news network to put on their lounge TV.  They wanted to know could we provide a solution that would entertain their customers.

Of course we could, and did…not only with a channel that would entertain but also inform and make their visit more enjoyable and focused on the auto dealership viewing audience.

With this backdrop, it was encouraging to see a company take public their encountering the “what channel is best” situation ( 

Unfortunately, this company’s solution is to remove the most divisive channels, even though the remaining ones could still not be of interest to viewers.

Instead of providing what their viewers want, they decided to eliminate the channels currently causing disagreements.

So what next?  When someone renting an apartment says they don’t want to see anything for home improvement, or someone on a strict diet wants no cooking shows?  The way broadcast/cable TV is going it will soon be impossible to find a channel a business can play that will not offend someone.

Why shouldn’t every business have its own custom built and maintained channels?

The technology and infrastructure is in place to make this possible, whether the company does it themselves or uses a service from a company like ours.

We at Unified Brand have shown that every business can have its own television channel(s).  Every channel is custom-built and maintained for that company’s viewers.  The channels are unique for the day, time and potentially different viewer demographics pertaining to every TV screen.

As this is a new concept for companies to grasp, we recognize it is a first step to recognize broadcast/cable TV is not sufficient.  They are starting to recognize at the base level it is condescending to their visitors and employees.  The more brand aware businesses are seeing what it can mean to provide more meaningful communication.