Even the Simplest Idea can have Big Benefits

Hitting home runs gets more headlines, but consistent hits wins more games.

In the custom TV world, elaborate videowalls and apps that integrate screens with social media are all the rage, but sometimes the simplest of applications can have the most impact.

One of our most successful AutoVision TV applications is a simple shuttle application we deployed at O’Rielly Chevrolet in Tucson.

The service area at this dealership can have as many as 30 customers getting their vehicles serviced, so managing these customers for when to be ready for the next shuttle is important for both CSI, and also the employee efficiency.

By implementing a simple PC-input app for the shuttle drivers, a message is placed on the crawl area of multiple screens in the Service Bay, Service Advisor area, Café and Service Lounge for when the next shuttle will be leaving:

This is very helpful to the Service Advisors to let customers know exactly when they need to be back in the Service Lounge for the shuttle, minimizing the amount of customer interruptions to ask for this information; more often to someone who doesn’t know and has to take time to find it out.

It has increased the usage of their Corvette Café as customers know how long to enjoy a beverage or food, and allows for more casual strolling by these customers through the showroom to look at the display vehicles without worrying about missing the next ride.

So don’t just think that the swinging for the fences gets the most payback, looking for changes in the smallest places can often have the most impact.