Why shouldn't EVERY business have their own TV channel(s)?

Unified Brand started to help businesses unify their brand (duh!), primarily through the use of digital signage.  The intent was to ensure business visitors would get messaging that reinforced the brand communication experienced via other media, in a more timely and focused manner...based on the business having a visitor onsite, ready to watch the TV.

While this is not revolutionary, what we have discovered is too often digital signage is built and purposed as digital "signs", not as digital "TV's".

We have found the highest effectiveness is when the business positions the visitor as a TV Viewer.  We determine the environment associated with the viewer; where they they be watching, what are their demographics, how long will they watch, is it different from time of day/day of week, etc...just like a "normal" TV channel does.

Then we consult with the business on what messages they want to communicate.

These items converge into our buidling the most effective TV channel possible for that particular TV location (including channel changes over time).

This isn't rocket science, every TV channel on your cable box does this very thing at a mass market level.  They differentiate the viewer based on demographics (ie, ESPN for sports, CNN for news, et al);  but NOT customized for each TV screen location.

We do!  The newest technologies allow for us to do this for a different channel on potentially every TV screen in a business in a cost-effective and heavily user-customizable way.

In an auto dealership the viewers are different factors such as dwell time (5 minutes in the service drive, 15 minutes in F&I, 30 minutes in Showroom, potentially hours in the service lounge); purpose (service specials, new car features, parts specials, vehicle maintenance education, etc.); thus allowing for each to be different, specific, and customizable!

So I wonder, why shouldn't EVERY business have their own TV channels?