AutoVision TV Announces New Strategic Alliance

Unified Brand and Third Alert have agreed to a partnership that will allow the Unified Brand digital signage platform, AutoVision TV, to be its in-store communication tool at auto dealerships throughout the country.  This partnership will enable these dealerships to educate, promote and market the Third Alert product on their custom managed television channels in the most time and cost efficient possible way.

“We are excited to take this step to partner with a great company and product like Third Alert and continue in our effort to be the premier digital communication partner to auto dealerships across the country” said Will Worosylla, Vice President of Unified Brand.  “Our custom television channels are designed to assist our auto dealership partners to educate their consumers at various interaction points throughout the stores.  Now with this partnership AutoVision TV will truly be a revenue-impacting marketing service at the various customer interaction points throughout the dealership.”

"Third Alert International is excited to partner with Unified Brand and it's AutoVision TV platform” said Bernie Wahl, Vice President of Sales at Third Alert. “We have finally found a company that is as passionate as we are about providing auto dealerships with a unique product and program!  We have very parallel business philosophies weighing heavily on both the dealership and end consumers' overall experience! We look forward to Unified Brand helping educate our potential customers on the safety benefits of our rear end collision avoidance technology through their custom dealership channels".


The national partnership will commence immediately and will not only offer a potentially life-saving product to the dealerships and their customers but also can provide the dealerships throughout the country with a forward-looking model for interactions in the future.

For more information on adding the Third Alert product and the AutoVision TV custom solution to your dealership, please contact us at


Unified Brand builds custom TV channels for use within business locations as an alternative to cable and over-the-air channels.  From its primary office in Phoenix, Arizona, it produces solutions that serve three (3) primary network segments:  (1) AutoVision TV focuses on providing focused TV Channels within auto dealerships, (2) NetNeighborhood TV brings together businesses, advertisers, and customers in a specific geography to present their own messaging and a blend of entertainment content, and (3) Enterprise TV provides customized TV channels in a business’s visitor and employee-only areas with messages and communication specifically developed and managed for the intended audience.


Third Alert is an electronic rear-end collision prevention system installed near the existing third brake light on your vehicle. When you step on the brake pedal, Third Alert triggers the third brake light to pulse four times before going solid, alerting the drivers behind you that you are slowing down or stopping.  Third Alert... "We've got your back" ,